EVIM Global Agenda 2017: Electric Mobility

The Global Agenda, the basis of all the EVIM events in 2017, includes:

The EVIM provides the international summit platform for cross-disciplinary collaboration of three interconnected fundamental sectors of sustainable development

  • Electric Mobility
  • Renewable Energy, Energy Supply and Energy Storage 
  • Sustainable Infrastructure and Smart Architecture of Human Environment

The key topics

  • The Strategy: EV market, development, investments and business models, new workplaces.
  • The Business environment and Legal framework: legislation and incentives
  • The Infrastructure: architecture and urban planning, roads and charging network expansion, integration and of electric transport into the infrastructure projects and city development
  • The Energy: energy supply, grid connection and interactions, smart grid and powering of electric vehicles, energy storage, integration of renewable energy sources into the architectural environment
  • The Technology and products: electric cars and LEVs, charging stations, software solutions and applications, robotic cars and autonomous vehicles, grid and power supply management solutions, new product startups, batteries, vehicles conversion and manufacturing, OEM components and parts
  • The Best practices: achievements and examples of success
  • The Climate change and Sustainability: vision, development and practice of implementation of zero emission / low emission economy and culture approaches

The businesses and stakeholders of the three industries are connected by the Global Agenda of the EVIM with the aim of acceleration of common development and growth