EVIM Community corporate membership

See corporate supporting partner’s options and packages below:

EVIM Community corporate membership packages optionsBronze SilverGold
attend EVIM events internationally for free, person123
status of bronze supporting partner of EVIM International Development Project+++
logo on the EVIM community partner section+++
company page in the catalogue on EVIM.live portal+++
visibility of logo on the EVIM community brand wall on all EVIM events internationally,
except EVIM partners events
right to publish news to EVIM.live newswire with social networks sharing,
in a week up to
right to place your promotional video on EVIM.live portal,
with social networks sharing, in a week up to
right to send an approved offer via EVIM email subscribers list, times a month123
right to add materials to EVIM members only e-library+++
discounted tickets for all EVIM events, unlimited15%20%25%
right to arrange own corporate webinars for EVIM community, in month up to 123
right to attend EVIM membership only events for free, person123
nominate your speakers to expert panel sessions of EVIM events+++
special price for participation in EVIM shared stands on the world's prominent exhibitions+++
special price for participation in EVIM missions and delegations
to the world's prominent events
EVIM partner hotel networks discounts+++
EVIM Community individual membership "Expert" packages
for company management and owners
sharing of advertising materials of the company among the participants
of EVIM events
right to invite key customers of your company to participate
with a 70% discount for any EVIM event, up to
right to place a roll-up or banner in the conference room during the EVIM events++
right to place an advertising stand in the conference hall during the EVIM events+
banner on the homepage of EVIM.live portal+
promotional speech, film or presentation in the EVIM events (time 20 min.)+
EVIM concierge service for exhibition participation and price negotiation+
EVIM concierge service and price negotiation for acquisition of EVs,
renewable energy and infrastructural equipment
discounted additional advertising options on all EVIM events15%20%25%
discounted services of EVIM media production center10%15%20%
discounted services of EVIM creation of pdf and multimedia presentations,
graphics and 2D/3D animation

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